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About Us

Dr. Larry D. Coble is Managing Associate of On Track Leadership Group (OTLG), former long-time Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Executive Director of the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium. He is author of Lessons Learned from Experience: A Practical Developmental Source Book for Educational Leaders (First and Second Editions);co-author of Staying on Track (First and Second Editions); The HiddenLeader: Leadership Lessons on the Potential WithinTeacher Renewal: Stories of Inspiration to Balance Your Life with Dale L. Brubaker; and SYI (Strategies for YourImprovement) with Melody Clodfelter and Dale L. Brubaker.

Dr. Coble is also a former Senior Program Associate at the Center for Creative Leadership. During his career, Coble served in four superintendencies, has also been a teacher, assistant principal, and principal.  A long-time leader of staff development in school districts where he served, Coble has for the past twenty-five years, worked with numerous leadership development programs at the national level as a private consultant, taught at the university level, served as Director of the Collegium for the Advancement of Schools, and worked with university partnerships.  

OTLG was founded by Dr. Coble with a core group of outstanding associates to provide leadership training and development; technical/consulting services;  coaching for school improvement, and executive coaching services. OTLG works primarily with school superintendents, district-level leaders, principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders. 

For additional information, please contact:

On Track Leadership Group (OTLG)
P. O. Box 157
Clemmons, NC 27012
336-908-0225 (cell)

Larry D. Coble, Ed.D.