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Leadership development needs are both individual and specific to certain leader populations: for example, principals of urban schools, or superintendents of rural systems. On Track Leadership Group (OTLG) has database information from over 2000 educational leaders across the country who have participated in Leadership Development Programs and or 360° Assessment and Feedback.

This database can provide information on the leadership development needs of specific groups that can help you plan programs and identify services for your organization. Information gathered from your leaders can be added to the database as development programs progress so that their individual needs can be addressed.

Due to the richness of the data, OTLG can provide sound advice by suggesting critical areas of needed professional development by district type, administrative level, gender, and so forth.

OTLG offers a variety of other research-related services. For example, some clients find it advantageous to have OTLG collect and maintain confidential information for the clients’ future use, such as researching benefits included in administrator contracts or collecting salary information. This work can be done over the phone or in face-to-face meetings.