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Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills within and among your staff can increase your school system’s ability to develop and implement plans, respond to changing conditions, reduce conflict, and produce results for students.

On Track Leadership Group (OTLG) DBA School Leadership Services has worked with a wide variety of school systems and school organizations in leadership education for administrators and teachers in practical, effective leadership skills. Each program is customized to fit the organizations’ needs for both immediate results and long-term improvement. Generally, however, our leadership development programs, whether single or multi-day programs are designed and delivered around the following research-based leadership development themes:

Feedback Intensive Program

The core of any contemporary leadership development program should be the assessment for development where a variety of assessment instruments are embedded in programs. These assessment instruments enable participants to get an intensive and comprehensive look at their own leadership strengths and developmental needs. An assessment package can include, but is not limited to, any or all of the following:

Skill-Based Training

Skill-Based training should focus on the development of job-specific skills that will enhance the learner’s job performance. Custom-designed modules can be developed upon request. Sample modules that are frequently requested include such topics as these:

360° Feedback

360° Feedback is often the most powerful part of leadership development. The participant is able to see how he/she perceived his/her performance against the perceptions of boss(es), peers, and direct reports. OTLG utilizes The On Track 360° Assessment(Principal version and Executive version.)

Development Assignments, Developmental Relationships, and Hardships

Leadership development is a career-long, if not lifelong, process. Job assignments that provide developmental opportunities and developmental relationships, such as networking and working with a mentor/coach; and both personal and professional hardships enhance one’s leadership capacities. OTLG provides opportunities for leaders to reflect on and make sense of the aspects of their development through the offering of executive coaching services and through modules, such as the following:

  • Shaping Executive Leadership
  • The Hidden Leader